• GodzillaOriginally a Jurassic creature that evolved from a sea reptile into a terrestrial monster, Godzilla is awakened by mankind’s nuclear weapons tests in the inaugural film. Godzilla and his fellow kaiju monsters are more than mere entertainment icons – they have come to embody the emotions and social problems of our times.
  • PinkFong Pinkfong represents the content we make to help children explore the world. We design the way children first experience the world through unparalleled, high-quality content.
  • Shimajiro and his good friendsThe Benesse’s main protagonist, Shimaro is NO.1 Japan’s most popular character in children’s education.
  • Lisa LarsonLisa Larson is a Swedish ceramic designer who started at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in 1954. Since 1980 she works as a freelance designer and sculptural artist. InnoGlobe acts on a sole agency for Lisa Larson in Taiwan!
  • Moz
  • ScandinavianForest
  • ELITE BANANA BANAOMeet the gorgeous and gentle Mr. Banana- BANAO! He`s always smiling and just so friendly. He also spends a lot of time on outdoor activity. BANAO is very welcomed among female fans, not only Japan but also in Taiwan. InnoGlobe has acted on a sole agency for Elite Banana Banao in Taiwan since 2012.
  • MOCHI MOCHI PANDAWhat is Mochi Mochi Panda? They are soft, flexible pandas that always be together.
  • Yeastken Wang! Wang! to leave bread dough to rise overnight, that something magic happened , which is changed to a flavorful and cute dogs-Yeastoken. Soft and fragrant bread is with dog’posture. Do not know whether it is a yeast or a dog. They are mixed with the breads in the bakery daily life.
  • TRUFFEOnce upon a time, there was a bear named Truffe who has been staying in the showing window forever. Truffe was the only nostalgic toy that doesn’t have electronic power, therefore he covets to move just like other toys. Until one day…
  • KUU SOU SUI ZOKU KANIn 20XX, Kuu sou sui zoku kan is opening! This is an expected aquarium where collect a lot of marvelous creatures. All animals from here combine the features of terrestrial and aquatic animals.
Godzilla PinkFong Shimajiro and his good friends Lisa Larson Moz ScandinavianForest ELITE BANANA BANAO MOCHI MOCHI PANDA Yeastken TRUFFE KUU SOU SUI ZOKU KAN
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