About Us

Established in 2012, InnoGlobe has been serving as an agent for renowned IP brands worldwide.

We aim to bring good IP brands to the local public and introduce them into the market.

At the same time, we spare no effort to maximize licensing potential and develop strong licensing programs for our partners.

Our business scope spans diverse services, including product licensing, space licensing, promotional gifts collaboration, meet-and-greet events, and movie merchandizes.


Big Five

  • Crossing Borders: InnoGlobe serves IP brands from around the world and possesses excellent multilingual communication skills. We act as a bridge between you and globally renowned IP brands.
  • Innovative Perspective: Instead of following trends, we are dedicated to observing market dynamics. With a keen understanding of market conditions, we are confident in our ability to create trends.
  • Diverse Collaborations: In a rapidly changing market, a variety of flexible collaboration methods are essential to stand out in the market!
  • Effective Marketing: We are familiar with the distinctive features and strengths of the IP brands we are serving, enabling us to achieve better outcomes in IP brands collaborations.
  • Sustainable Development: While we focus on the growth of IP brands, we prioritize the sustainability of brand management, steadily progressing towards improvement with cautious steps.


Branding of Service

With over a decade of deep cultivation in the licensing business, we have a profound understanding of the importance of the concept of 'brand'.

Branding is the process of infusing products or services with the core concepts or values of a brand.

And the core concept of InnoGlobe is to become a solid bridge between customers and excellent IP brands.

In addition to aiming to perfectly meet the needs of our customers, InnoGlobe also aspires to anticipate on behalf of our customers, assisting them in achieving better communication and striving for improved collaboration results.

Continuous Improvement

The reason for being eliminated from the market is not a lack of excellence but rather the absence of possibilities for progress.

Continuous improvement has always been InnoGlobe's expectation for itself.

Therefore, collaborating with new IP brands, exploring new partnership models, and consistently enhancing service quality, InnoGlobe is constantly striving for being better.

Not a fear of being eliminated from the market; instead, we believe that portrait and brand licensing have limitless possibilities!

Our Advantages

InnoGlobe is your first choice for cross-branding and marketing collaborations!

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