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Please send an e-mail with your proposal to the address left in 'Contact Us' page. We will contact you soon once we receive your request. Thank you!

InnoGlobe is the agent of over 30 renowned IP brands from around the world. You can always feel free to contact us for more information!

InnoGlobe has a team of highly professional staff familiar with the strengths of each IP brand we represent. Please feel free to consult with us.

When engaging in licensing collaboration with a IP brand (commonly known as a cross-branding in the general market), it is conceptually similar to inviting the IP brand to endorse a product. Therefore, a fee for endorsement, termed licensing fee, is usually required. The charging criteria for the licensing fee vary depending on the IP brand, the category and quantity of the licensed products. Feel free to provide us with details of your collaboration plan, and we will assist you in evaluation and communication with licensors!

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